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Joiful Shih Tzu is a California-based small in-home breeder of quality Shih Tzu.  Our dogs are cherished members of our family.  They are spoiled, loved, and get the attention and care they so deserve.   Our goal is to place them in loving and caring families and to provide families a quality, healthy, happy, and well-socialized puppy.  Breeding is a hobby and a passion that my family enjoys.  


Our breeding program is small and only has few litters a year.  For this reason, we can ensure quality time spent with our older dogs, and lots of attention is given to each of the puppies' starting from birth to the time they leave for their fur-ever homes.  Quality time plays a huge role in raising a well socialized, healthy, and happy pet. Likewise, we try our very best that our puppies have a good start in life.  

It is of the utmost importance to find families that will extend the same care, love, attention, and time to these precious furbabies they have been accustomed to from birth.

Every furbaby is very special and loved by us. Their well-being takes precedence.   For this reason,  we do not sell to puppy mills, pet shops, puppy brokers, and we reserve the right to refuse service and sale if we feel that it is not in the best interest of our puppies.  

If, at any time, for any reason, you are no longer able to care for your pet, Joiful Shih Tzu has a lifetime takeback guarantee. 
Please do your research about the breed and be aware, consider and prepare for the commitment required in raising these wonderful Shih Tzu babies, such as time, the financial cost (dog food, toys, vet visits, etc.), and willingness to learn and to be knowledgeable about the Shih Tzu breed.    Most importantly, be prepared to receive lots of love because your puppy will have lots of it to give.  

We are available to answer any questions you may have to come alongside you as you decide and prepare for your new family member—best wishes to you and your furbaby. 
Please enjoy your time here.    Thank you for visiting. 

- Joi

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